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Intrigued? Apply now to join the most culturally diverse community in tech:

You are in our core focus groups if you have a 2nd or 3rd generation immigration background or emigrated to another country in your young years. In other words: You have at least two nations/cultures you could (or want to) identify with.

The term “Third Culture Kid” (TCK) and its definition describes our focus well. Having exposure to multiple cultures during your formative or developmental years resonates well with our community focus and background.

In addition, you should already be part of the European tech industry or have a strong motivation to move into tech. 2hearts is all about immigration backgrounds in tech and enriching the tech industry with cultural diversity.

We are also super happy about experienced professionals from the tech scene without immigration backgrounds who want to support our cause as mentors.

OK, that resonates with me – I want to apply now!
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